I have been a client of Dr. Carroll and staff from the first week of his coming to Sechelt. I have three small dogs and a cat in my home, having an animal doctor is a very important part of their lives. Doctor Carroll and staff have seen me through some very bad times as well as happy times, if it’s an emergency, big operation or just yearly exams I have always been treated with caring, kindness and the best medical care.  I like to believe Dr. Carroll and I have an honest relationship, he takes the time to understand his clients, and knows just how far one will go for the best of their pets and lets you decide, he doesn’t push one into a guilt emotion. As for the cost of care I believe one should be prepared, I push so much aside each month for my pets. Remember you are being cared for by a professional doctor and staff plus the best equipment to help you. To end, Dr. Carroll and staff allow me to have the love and joy from my pets knowing if I need help they are just a phone call away. If you care as I do for your pets you will not go wrong in getting to know Dr. Carroll and staff.

Helen Ponting, Halfmoon Bay