We have been going all the way to Sechelt to Dr. Carroll at the Sechelt AnimalHospital since he was located in the little house at 5586 Wharf Street. For us this was April 1998, we had 2 cats and 2 dogs who generally went for their annual shots and check ups. When we take all 4 in we receive a discount, (sort of a family rate). The clinic is excellent in reminding us about the next time for their shots etc. Our Labradors have had several problems in the past 10 years. The male dog swallowed a stone which was checked by the clinic’s ultra sound. Because of this excellent equipment the Dr. made the decision that the cutting of the bowel wasn’t necessary. This saved us extra expense and it was much easier on our dog. The same dog, several years later, had a knee problem. With the x-ray at the clinic Dr. Carroll could see that he had a rupture of the canine cranial cruciate ligament. He told us what would happen if we didn’t have the knee operated on and if so what to expect. He had information sheets printed out for us to read to fully understand the problem and corrective procedure. This information was excellent. We were warned about the other knee going but, with the supportive instructions as to the physio we had to administer and successful surgery, he healed well and has been fine since. The surgery was performed five years ago and the other knee is fine.

This dog has also had some allergies but with the tests done at the clinic and samples sent to an expert for diagnosing, the proper food was suggested and he has since recovered. Our female dog has had many problems but with the ultra sound, and lab test done at the clinic and sent away to experts our Misty is still with us. If she had not been diagnosed correctly we would have lost her about 9 months ago. She is now perky and playful still at the age of 12. The staff is very caring and compassionate whatever the situation is and they treat our dogs as if they are their own pet. The clinic hours are great with it being open 7 days a week. Working people can even leave and pick up their pets before and after work which is very convenient.

H.J. Hubbs, Granthams Landing