We moved to the Sunshine Coast some twelve years ago, with two older dogs and ten year old cat. We can’t recall who suggested we try the ‘new’ vet, but we did.

Dr Carroll had the Sechelt Animal Hospital for less than a year. He,Rachel and two part-time techs were the practice, which was the shack on Wharf Streetthat is now a tattoo parlor. Any doubts caused by the rough exterior of the facility were erased by the professionalism and enthusiasm we found inside. Dr Carroll and his staff deserve great credit for maintaining the professional friend of the family ethos through all of the expansion and modernization of the practice from those early days.

The older dogs who moved to the coast with us (Stella and Monty), needed attention from time to time. When the SPCA took Stella in she had evidently been living on the street for some time, perhaps years. Her teeth were terrible; she had what appeared in x-rays to be injuries likely from a car accident. Like any lady of mature years, she did not tell us her age. She had lived a full and reasonably healthy life in her ten years with us and with the care of Dr Carroll and his partners. When her time had come she still would not tell us her age, but she went with dignity and compassionate professional help. We still miss her.

Monty was left to us when a cousin passed away and his widow and daughter could not keep him. He had been well loved and cared for from the outset, and was a great companion. Lhasa’s are prone to vision, hearing, and chronic disease problems in their older years, and Monty had more than his share. Again, we managed with clinical treatments and some informative briefing sessions, and we think we satisfied our moral obligations to him and his late owner.

Our next adoption was not a happy one. Gizmo had more owners than we knew of at the time we took her. We did the best we could for her, but she too developed chronic diseases and passed away about a year after Monty.

That left us without a dog, (a condition that could only be temporary), and a desire to raise a puppy of known heritage from the age of twelve weeks. We purchased a Basset. What the breeder did not tell us then was that Bassets are like potato chips, no sane person can stop with just one. Morgan, is now 3½, and Evan, her kid brother, is a year younger.

They love going to the vet’s. They know everyone who works there, techs, receptionists, veterinarians, are there for them, love them especially, and can’t wait to give them a tummy rub. Brody, our adopted cat continues to receive the same professional care and kindness. We love having SAH in our community because we appreciate the friendly professionalism, helpful advice and knowledgeable compassion we experience.

Anyone who has not had a tour of the facilities and seen the diagnostic tools that are available in this practice should ask Kerri for a tour……

Jill and Henry Hightower, Secret Cove