Firstly, the veterinarians and technicians offer a high degree of expertise, professionalism and knowledge, not only because they are highly trained, but also because they participate in workshops and conventions to upgrade and remain current. The staff are friendly, helpful people who clearly understand animal behavior and obviously love and enjoy their patients whom they handle with compassion, gentleness and kindness. In short, the staff are both “fur people” friendly and also people friendly.

Secondly, the clinic provides a clean, pleasant, informative environment. Moreover, there is a calm, relaxed influence at work here; we note that from past experience our pets welcome the visit. In addition, the hospital is extremely sanitary and state of the art. No expense had been spared to provide the ultimate in medical equipment and care. The recovery area is spacious, sanitary and offers toys along with all the other comforts of home. The focus is preventative health care; therefore, there are months when dental or geriatric packages are offered at a reduced price. Clearly, pro-active health care is an important issue 

Lastly, the Sechelt Animal Hospital contributes greatly to the community. The technicians offer a variety of free workshops focusing on animal health and care issues; the importance of diet, exercise, weight, play, touch, and knowledge of pet first aid. Once a year, there is an open house with guided tours in which there is an interactive discussion of the use of equipment, and an opportunity to ask questions about the equipment and procedures. Moreover, there are fund raising campaigns for the various animal rescue societies on the coast. Lastly, the clinic also rescues animals and performs the necessary health services before going to great lengths to find the perfect home. Obviously, a commitment to animals and the community is all important.

To conclude, we would not hesitate to recommend highly the Sechelt Animal Hospital. The level of expertise, the wonderful treatment of animals and those who serve them, the high quality of health care, the extremely well managed facility, the level of staff commitment to the patients and the community is extraordinary. Our pets leave feeling good about the experience, and so do we. Peace of mind is a wonderful feeling.”

Lonnie & Bob Whittle, Halfmoon Bay