Selecting a Veterinarian

(Article from Veterinary Information Network [VIN] by Phyllis DeGioia)

There are as many different ways to operate a veterinary clinic as there are breeds of dogs. In general, no one breed is all good or bad, but it's important to find one that suits you. You and your veterinarian are the mainstay of the team that will take care of your pet's health, so it's best if you find a veterinarian that you can work with.

Clinics vary in their hours of operation,...

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Senior Pet Health Care

Senior pets, like senior people, require special medical attention and preventive health care.  At the Sechelt Animal Hospital we are dedicated to early detection of common diseases in older pets.  Most of these diseases, when detected early, are treatable and can give you many more years with your pet.  

To detect these diseases early, we recommend that any animal over 7 years of age have an annual exam including a blood screen, blood pressure check...

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Why is Pet Identification so Important?

Pet Identification (Pet ID) is the most important thing that you could do to keep your pet safe.  Does your pet go outside?  Does your pet travel with you?  If yes, then are you prepared if your pet gets lost or injured? How will your pet get home to you safe? The Answer is Pet ID. Here are 3 ways that are very beneficial;

  1. A Microchip
  2. A Tattoo
  3. A Collar with a tag
  4. ...
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What is a Technician?

Registered Animal Health Technologist (RAHT) is a university graduate who has trained to be a paraprofessional in the field of veterinary medicine.  This individual works under the supervision of a veterinarian in many types of work settings, such as private practice, research, wildlife facilities, zoos, veterinary laboratories, government health of animals, feedlots and in some areas related to human health.  Registered Animal Health Technologists also work with a wide...

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