Pictured above is our technician Jennifer scaling and polishing our patient Abbi's teeth during a dental procedure.

At Sechelt Animal Hospital, we take anesthesia very seriously. Our veterinarians and Registered Animal Health Technologists are trained with the use of the latest, safest anesthetic drugs and protocols to ensure maximum safety and pain control.

We monitor each patient with the latest monitoring equipment including non invasive blood pressure, pulse oximetry, ECG, capnography, and physical parameters. 

Our anesthesia is made safer by the use of pre-anesthetic blood panels which is performed on most of our surgical cases.  We use circulating warm water blankets to keep the patient warm throughout its procedure and into recovery.  Each patient receives a tailored anesthetic plan to accommodate individual needs and conditions.  Every patient will receive pain control as needed.  IV access and fluid maintenance is also part of our anesthetic protocol.  This allows us to efficiently maintain and correct blood pressure and hydration. This is also a convenient method of delivering pain control and other life saving drugs in the event of an emergency.