Blood Transfusions

When your pet needs blood where will it come from?

Pets need transfusions for the same reasons that humans do, including surgery, trauma and disease. Here on the Sunshine Coast it can be difficult to get blood products especially on an emergency basis. Many of the staff members have dogs and cats that donate on an as needed basis, however we have seen that the need for donors is exceeding the number of staff animals available. Creating a group of pets that we can call on in the event of an emergency will make it possible for us to save more lives.

Donation is a simple procedure in dogs and generally do not require anesthesia or sedation. The donation process generally takes about 20 minutes. Blood donation is relatively painless. Blood is drawn from a small area on the neck using a collection bag exactly like those utilized for human donation. 

Requirements for Dog Donors 

Between the ages of 2-7 years of age, 25 kg (55lbs) or more, calm in nature, friendly, healthy with all vaccines up to date and spayed or neutered. Donors must also be available to get to the hospital on short notice.

The Ideal Cat Donor

Between the ages of 2 and 10,current on vaccines, not taking any medications, strictly indoors, weighs at least 8 pounds (lean body weight), has never been pregnant, is spayed or neutered, and has been tested for blood-born parasites and diseases such as feline leukemia.

We are seeking more donors! If you are interested in learning more about the program or having your dog or cat become a blood donor, please contact us today.